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The purpose of this international charity festival has not changed since its inception more than 40 years ago. Our aim is to raise funds to enable children in developing countries to have an education and to empower women in those countries to help us achieve our goal. Proceeds are entrusted to local charities in various regions of the world with which we have personal contacts, to support their activities. This year too, we hope to bring a sparkle to the eyes of underprivileged children, by giving them an opportunity to receive an education.

We would be most grateful for your support. Any contribution you care to make will be very much appreciated.

For information on donations of goods, books, baked items etc, please visit the ‘How to help’ page   こちら

Thank you!

Kobe Global Charity Festival (KGCF) Executive Committee

JP BANK ゆうちょ銀行 (Yuuchoginko)
Transfer of money from bank account to KGCF postal account:

Account name (口座名) : コウベグローバルチャリティフェスティバル

Branch name(支店名): (四三八) Yonsanhachi

Branch number(店番号): 438

Account number (口座番号): 5145093

Account type : ordinary account (普通預金)

Transfer of money from postal account to KGCF postal account:

Account name (口座名) : コウベグローバルチャリティフェスティバル

Code (口座記号) : 14380

Account number (口座番号): 51450931

Account type (口座種類) : ordinary account (普通預金)

Branch number(支店番号): 438



皆様のご支援を心から感謝いたします―どんな金額、どんな形でのご寄贈でもいただけましたら大変有り難いです。   手伝いことがあれば、ここでクリクしてください  こちら 宜しくお願い申し上げます。