Market Place マーケットプレイス



Who are we?

We are a volunteer stall selling new and second hand goods.

100% of proceeds from the Market Place go to charity!

If you have items in good condition that you are willing to give away for charity or are looking for things to buy at a very reasonable price, then this is the place for you!
Please see below for: Donating Goods, Delivery of goods, Collection of goods, Volunteering, Purchasing goods, Inviting friends.

Donating Goods:
We will be glad to accept any new household items or clothing and also second hand items that are clean and in very good condition.

Here are some examples of items that we would like to receive:

• Clothing, shoes, bags, purses, belts, scarves and other accessories in clean and nearly-new condition.
• Household goods in new or nearly new condition, such as towels (new only), bedding (new only) tablemats, dishes, glassware, cooking ware, ornaments, decorations, photo frames, flower vases etc.
• Gadgets in good working condition such as clocks, watches, cameras, electronic dictionaries.
• Sporting goods in new or nearly-new condition, such as rackets, clubs, bats and balls.
• Small electronic goods that are new or nearly new and in good working condition.
• Cosmetics and bathroom goods that have never been opened.
• Toys, games and jigsaw puzzles with all the parts intact.
• Stationary such as pens, notebooks and files in good condition.
• Foods that are unopened and have not past their expiry date.
• Antique goods in good condition.
• Other: If you have goods which you are not sure about, please contact us to discuss if they will be suitable. Thank you!

If you are able to deliver your goods to Chuka Dobun (Chinese) School on Saturday 10th November between 14:00 and 16:00, that would be very much appreciated. Please send an Email in advance to: stating your name, car registration number (if applicable) and approximate time of delivery, so that the guard will be expecting you. Thank you!

You may also send goods packed in boxes and clearly labelled ‘KGCF Market Place’ by delivery service or mail, to be delivered:

On Saturday 10th November between 1:00 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Address for delivery:                                                                                                        KGCF c/o/ Chuka Dobun School, 6 – 9 – 1 Nakayamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi 650-0004

By prior arrangement (see below for contact information).

If you have goods to donate, but are unable to deliver them to Kobe Kaisei Girls’ Junior and Senior High School, then please contact us (see below for contact information) we will do our best to arrange for someone to call and pick-up your items.

Volunteer drivers:
If you have a car and are willing to pick-up donated items from people living in your area and deliver them to Kobe Chuka Dobun School on 10th November, we would be most grateful!
Please contact us as soon as possible (see below for contact information). Thank you!

Purchasing goods:
Even if you have no goods to donate, please visit our stall on Sunday 11th November!
We always have great things for sale at cheap prices! And remember that every yen you spend, will go to charity!
The best items are usually snapped up quickly, so we recommend that you arrive early (Opening time is 10:00 a.m.) if you’d like to do some shopping!

Inviting friends:
Please invite your friends and family members to donate goods and/or come shopping at our Market Place! The more things we can sell, the more money we can donate to charity!

Hope to see you all there! Thank you for your support!

Contact information:
Tel: 078-882-8543

Please call between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. and leave a message with your telephone number and/or email address, if we are unable to answer your call. Thank you very much!

マーケット プレイスで販売する品物を、ご寄贈下さい


A) ご寄贈いただく品物について :


食料品 (未開封、賞味期限内の物)

化粧品 (未開封)

浴用製品 (未開封)

タオル、 寝具(シーツ・枕カバーなど)特に新品のみ お願いします。




お願い : 寄贈品として、適当かどうかわからない時は、下記のメールアドレスまでお問合せ



今までにご寄贈いただいた品物の例 :








7) 状態の良いアンティークの品


B) 品物の受け取りについて :

  1.   品物をお持ち込みいただける場合
場所 : 神戸中華同文学校、〒650-0004 兵庫県神戸市中央区中山手通6丁目9−1
日時 : 11月10日(土) 14:00-16:00

  1. 品物をお送りいただく場合

宛先 : 650-0004


神戸中華同文学校 気付





11月10日(土) 13時-16時

お願い : お送りの際に神戸中華同文学校への直接のお問い合わせなどはご遠慮ください。ご質問はすべて、下記のメールアドレスにお送りくださいますようお願いいたします。










1111日は、マーケット プレイスに来ていただき、たくさんお買いものしてくださいますようお願いいたします。