KGCF Mission / フェスティバルの目的


KGCF Mission

To provide an opportunity for the communities of Kobe to come together, with the purpose of cultivating a larger sense of global community and cross-cultural understanding, raising awareness of issues affecting the lives of children and women in Japan and around the world and raising funds for specific worthwhile projects/groups addressing those issues.

The annual Kobe Global Charity Festival (KGCF) has been raising funds for educational projects for children in Asia for 37 years, through a one-day festival held in the autumn in the city of Kobe, Japan. Over the years, thousands of children and women in dire poverty and desperate circumstances around the world, have benefitted from the millions of yen collected at this event.

Kobe Global Charity Festival 2016

We are very grateful for your generous support of the Kobe Global Charity Festival in 2016, which enabled us to raise nearly ¥1,138,958, including profits by NGO and NPO groups.

Of the ¥1,138,958 raised at KGCF, money was donated to the following groups, supporting educational projects for children in Japan and Asia:

¥240,000 to:

  1. Nepalese Family & Friends Project (Women and children in Nepal)

¥200,000 to:

  1. Bokk Jambaar (Children in Senegal)

¥140,000 to:

  1. Kobe Shoin Japan-Cambodia Project (Women and children in Cambodia)

¥100,000 to:

  1. Toyonaka International Friendship Association (Women and children in Nepal)

¥80,000 to:

  1. Kobe Shinseinyujin Children’s Home

¥30,000 to:

  1. NGO Peace and Nature

TOTAL: ¥790,000

Participating NGOs and NPOs and  raised a total of ¥364,760, which was donated to their respective charities.

Let’s try to raise even more this year, so that more groups can benefit!


KGCF 2017 will be held in the autumn at Kobe Kaisei Girls’ Junior and Senior High School.

This year KGCF is planning to support the following groups:

  1. Nepal Family & Friends Project – Supporting the education and welfare of Nepalese children in need.
  2. Bokk Jambaar – Supporting children and village community projects in Senegal.
  3. Kobe Shoin Japan-Cambodia Project – Supporting the education of children and higher education of young women in Cambodia.
  4. Toyonaka International Friendship Association (TIFA) – Empowering women in Nepal.
  5. Kobe Shinseinyujiin – Children’s home in Kobe
  6. NGO Peace and Nature – Educating our local community about organic farming.

Come along to enjoy another community day with an international atmosphere. We will be most grateful for your continued support.