KGCF Mission / フェスティバルの目的


KGCF Mission

To provide an opportunity for the communities of Kobe to come together, with the purpose of cultivating a larger sense of global community and cross-cultural understanding, raising awareness of issues affecting the lives of children and women in Japan and around the world and raising funds for specific worthwhile projects/groups addressing those issues. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary in 2019, KGCF raised awareness concerning environmental issues, specifically concerning single-use plastic.

The annual Kobe Global Charity Festival (KGCF) has been raising funds for educational projects for children in Asia and Africa for 40 years, through a one-day festival held in the autumn in the city of Kobe, Japan. Over the years, thousands of children and women in dire poverty and desperate circumstances around the world, have benefited from the millions of yen collected at this event.

Kobe Global Charity Festival 2019

We are very grateful for your generous support of the Kobe Global Charity Festival in 2019.

We are happy to report that we were able to raise  huge amount of money for charity in addition to achieving other community-related goals.

This year’s event raised over ¥1,100,000 including profits by NGO / NPO groups and food booths.

Over ¥930,000 was raised for the KGCF beneficiaries and this money will be donated to the following groups, supporting educational projects for children and empowerment of women in Japan, Asia and Senegal:

  1. Nepalese Family & Friends Project (Women & children in Nepal)
  2. Kobe Shoin Japan-Cambodia Project (Women & children in Cambodia)
  3. Bokk Jambaar (Children in Senegal)
  4. Toyonaka International Friendship Association (Women and children in Nepal)
  5. Magoso School Project (Children suffering poverty, abuse and handicap in Kenya)
  6. Kobe Shinseinjuku Children’s Home






2019年は、助成金を受給することができませんでしたが、皆様の多大なるご協力のお陰でNGO・NPOの収益を含め 1,100,000 円以上の寄付収益を集めることができ、930,000 円の活動に割り当てられます。

特定非営利活動法人 ファミリー&フレンズ・プロジェクト (助けの必要なネパールの女性と子どもたちの支援

神戸松蔭ジャパン・カンボジア プロジェクト(カンボジアにおける恵まれない子どもたちへの教育支援)


NGO ボックジャンバール(セネガルにおける女性と子どもへの支援)